Harvolt is a small start up company focused on the research, development and production of innovative electronic and electro-mechanical products for cyclists and cycle manufacturers.

We also research and develop Travel, Cargo and Utility bicycles, including frame design and fabrication in our premises – click here for an example of mountain – tourer

Our workshop and office is located in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Product Development:

September 2017

A good idea attempted is better than a bad idea perfected”

Don Letts.

Its taken several iterations to get our first product to the point where we are happy with it, and hopefully you too.

Our main focus is on our first product, a high power dynamo solution, capable of providing ample lighting and/or continuous auxiliary power for any bicycle; mountain, road, cargo, commuting or other.

This product will address the current short comings in the existing dynamo standard, which satisfies the needs of a decreasing proportion of cyclists. This is a long term project, due to be in production early 2018.

Your Product Development:

We are happy to take requests for customized cycling energy harvesting applications, or customized non-cycling solutions.

These solutions can be delivered in separation of our own product program.

We have research, design, engineering experience in fields including but not limited to, electronics, firmware, software, mechanics, general fabrication, milling and turning, TIG welding and brazing, bicycle frame building, scientific sensors and energy storage.

We could provide an efficient, competitive, possibly lateral solution for your specific needs and customers – please use the contact us page.


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